A must have for any Tolkien Fan.


This includes 14 books in total with a variety of Hardbacks and Paperbacks.


1985 Edition of The Return of the King (Hardback)

1986 Copy of the The Two Towers (Hardback)

2001 Film Tie in Edition The Fellowship of the Ring (Paperback)

1998 Collins Edition of The Hobbit (Paperback)

1997 Collins Edition of The Fellowship of the Ring (Paperback)

1986 Edition of The Hobbit (Paperback)

1985 Unwin Edition of The Fellowship of the Ring (Paperback)

1993 Edition of The Hobbit (Paperback)

1986 Unwin Edition of The Book of Lost Tales Pt2 (Paperback)

1993 Edition of The Adventures of Tom Bombadil (Paperback)

1990 Edition of The Smith of Wootton Major (Paperback)

2016 Edition of Beowulf A Translation and Commentary (Paperback)


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14 Book Tolkien Collection (FREE UK Delivery)