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90s Box! Transport yourself back to the 1990s with our new 90s themed box. This box includes: 3 teen books from the 90s (random), tamagotchi, random TY Beanie Baby, an assortment of 90s sweets, 3 teas (random), hot chocolate, friendship bracelets (one for you and one for your 'best best friend', 2 troll pencil toppers, 2 badges (Pikachu and 1 Love the 90s) all inside a personalised box. The box will include your name on the front as a cut out vinyl sticker. Please note: Books in this box are used as they are from the 1990s, as such quality varies, some will have the name of the original owner in for example and may be creased which we think it to be expected with books which are nearly 30 years old. Currently we have these 5 series in: Sweet Valley, Goosebumps, Babysitters Club, Point Horror and Animorphs. We can take requests for which 3 books. Sweets may differ slightly from the ones pictured. TY Beanie Baby will be random, we cannot take requests for this. Price includes UK delivery.

90s Box!

£35.00 Regular Price
£30.00Sale Price
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