The perfect gift for yourself or a loved one. This box includes a surprise book, coaster, bookmark, 5 packets of loose leaf tea, teapot shaped tea infuser. Each packet includes enough to make roughly 3 cups of tea depending on strength preferred. We have 2 options of tea 'Classics' or 'Fruity'. Due to stock levels we cannot take requests for flavours currently. Pictures of these can be seen in the images. These wonderful aromas have been filling our room since we got them and are a great way of curling up with a good book. Classics Flavours include: English Breakfast, Earl Grey with Orange, Divine Elixer, Desi Masala Chai & Tie Guan Yin. Fruity Flavours include: Spiced Apple, Blood Orange, Very Berry, Lemon Verbama & Blue Apple and Lime. Bok genres: Classic, Crime, Thriller, Surprise Me!, Fantasy, Sci Fi, Romance, Historical Fiction, Horror Please note - *Some teas are finer than others and may escpae the infuser. If this is an issue for you we would encourage you to choose the round infuser.

Loose Leaf Tea Box